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     Namaste & Welcome                      

     This site is an offering to all of my wonderful students who have allowed me the opportunity to share the teachings of yoga with them over the years and to everyone who has a sincere interest in yoga. If you have never been to a Hatha yoga class before or if you practice in one of my yoga classes, it is my hope that these lessons will be of help to you in reaching all of your goals.  So let's unroll our yoga mats and begin.



                  MANY QUESTIONS

                              What is yoga? What are the benefits?
                                I am not flexible, can I still do yoga?
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                                                                                                                                                                      BEGINNER TIPS                                                                                                                         
I want you to have the best experience
                                                     in your yoga practice from the start.
                                                   Here are a few helpful suggestions
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            BREATHE EASY

            One of the most powerful techniques
          in yoga is pranayama. It can really
                   relieve stress & shift your mental focus
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                                                                                  HEALTHY HAPPY HOLY

                                                                         Kundalini Yoga totally
                                                                                 changed my life and I know
                                                                             it could change yours too
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